As a considerable number of B-schools are now accepting both GRE and GMAT scores for their eclectic management programs, choosing the right test is a vital step in your MBA journey!

  1. If you aspire to pursue only the MBA, but not MS programs, it’s a better move to opt for the GMAT because of the relevance of the skillset being tested in the GMAT to the managerial and leadership positions you would hold post MBA.
  2. Though B schools are not biased towards any specific test, GMAT score in the application can project you as the seriously committed one to pursue the management education, whereas a GRE score can portray you to have the readiness to pursue either MS or MBA.
  3. A good GMAT score can even help you out in the post MBA placement w.r.t some consulting firms looking for a decent GMAT score while scheduling an interview.

GMAT vs GRE for MBA!

However, GRE is a dynamic test; it gives you a chance to apply to a wide range of master’s programs. So if you haven’t made up your mind between MS and MBA or if You had attempted GRE with above 310+ score in your past academic life, you may consider GRE to excel further, to make it to 325+

It’s a misconception that GRE is easier than GMAT; In a way, GRE could be relatively easier to secure a 310 score, but not less difficult than GMAT, to achieve 325 +, the score that many b-schools expect for their flagship management programs.

Your decision between GMAT and GRE should not be based on perceptual easiness but should be relied on the type of Master’s programs that you target!

To begin with, you can attempt a diagnostic sample test in both GRE and GMAT, to check for which test your current skillset suits the best.

All the best!