Marketing Partnerships

CrackISB has a large network of connections which can be effectively leveraged for the exponential growth of your products or services. Our clientele includes

  • Top managers from various organizations who utilize various services provided by us.
  • HR managers of reputed companies.
  • Top management of various colleges and universities.

If you are interested in marketing your services or products we are glad to be your branding and marketing channel partner. Some of the possible partnerships include

  • Marketing of your organization’s IT services or products
  • Marketing of your HR services (Like placements etc) or we providing you with HR services (Candidate profiles etc)
  • Marketing of your Infrastructure and real estate properties (Flats, offices for lease, sale, buy etc)
  • Event marketing etc
  • Education related products etc


Our services include customized e-mail lists, branded material distribution, standy renting (For as low as 750/- a month) and other customized marketing services. Please e-mail us your detailed requirements for a business partnership at marketing[at] and our executives will get back to you at the earliest.