Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you offering CrackISB-JobSCAN, CrackISB-TeamSCAN, CrackISB-PsychoSCAN for 1% of the Market Price?
    • We at CrackISB are interested in developing long term relationship with the candidates. Many of the ISB aspirants are from distinguished background. We want you to see the benefits of our HR development instruments personally for yourself and recommend these to your current existing companies and future companies for use in HR training and Soft-skills development. We have a huge team of consultants in our sister division who work on development, customization and deployment of these HR instruments and this STEEP discount offered to you (e.g. compare us with www.pdpworks.com) and is considered as a cost of marketing. Most of our customers are from word of mouth publicity of existing customers and we believe that our offerings create long term value. This is also a credible evidence of our promise that we do not follow a template approach common in this industry.
  2. How is CrackISB different from the various other services offered in the market by various others?
    • At CrackISB, our entire philosophy and methodology of ISB admission application help is different and unmatched by ANYONE in the Industry. We do a comprehensive and thorough psychometric evaluation of the candidate using various HR instruments. These instruments ARE the STARTING point for further analysis and help you distinguish YOURSELF from the rest. Your OWN unique story is known by this methodology. We help you build on this further by expert advice from advisors who are from ISB and other Top Business Schools like Columbia, Kellogg and Wharton schools (Note that we have a huge list of advisors who are from various top business schools- If you so prefer, we can assign only ISB advisors for your needs).
  3. How will the whole process happen?
    • The process starts with system generated login and passwords to log onto the site. All the instruments, document uploads & downloads, Online tutors etc are part of the homepage of registered users. After completion of your HR instruments, appropriate advisors get in touch with you to provide you other reports and initiate the discussions.
  4. Is there a problem with location?
    • Some of our services like ISB-BestGMAT coaching are done only in Metros and location is a constraint at this time (In next 6 months, we are available in 50 locations in India and 25 locations worldwide). For other services like ISB-AppEVAL, ISB-ReAppEVAL, ISB-CompEVAL, ISB-InPREP) you have the option to choose either offline means by contacting us face-to-face or by video conferencing, video messaging, Chat support, E-mails, Telephones etc.
  5. You tell us not to follow a template approach. How do you prevent it?
    • Almost all the competitors agree that a template approach is not good and that no one size fits all- BUT THAT IS EXACTLY what is done. At CrackISB, we have devised methods by which it is not possible to even follow a templated approach. The HR instruments are designed to extract the UNIQUE features of the candidates. The candidates are measured and analyzed on more than 50 different parameters and compared to peer group. The combination of these parameters brings out your UNIQUE traits (like a genetic map) and we build ONLY on these traits. Since these are genuinely your traits and not some made up story, your confidence levels and ability to back them up in the Interview goes up. This provides a Win-Win situation for both the ISB admissions committee and the candidate himself.